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Registration Deadline:  3 p.m., CST, Friday, June 26, 2020

Payment Deadline: 3 p.m., CST, Wednesday,  July 17, 2020

Credit card, check or cash accepted. Purchase orders will NOT be accepted. We appreciate prompt payment, but due to the extenuating circumstances if an extension is necessary please contact receivables@EASTstaff.org.

EAST Seminar
Create your own schedule, receive up to 18 professional development hours

EAST Seminar 2020 Requirements

EAST Seminar is required as a way to fulfill professional development needs and requirements to perform at a high level in an EAST environment.
To receive participation credit for EAST Seminar, facilitators must attend daily live general sessions as well as complete a minimum of 10 additional hours of professional development, either live or on-demand (pre-recorded).

This year, EAST is offering a significant discount to the registration fee in light of the current circumstances. Benefits of attending this event include:
- Enhanced and unlimited access to valuable tools and resources for the EAST classroom.
- Strategies and best practices to empower you to be a resource for your school in EAST based principles, including online tools and student engagement
- Opportunities to connect and share ideas with other peers and industry experts
- Access to the EAST Seminar virtual library when they are officially released
If you need support when presenting to your administration - contact your site support person.

Drop & Refund Policy

Drop Deadline: 3 p.m., CST, Wednesday, July 20, 2020

By registering for EAST Seminar, you are confirming that you intend to participate at the levels for which you registered. In turn, the EAST Initiative incurs certain non-refundable costs and expenses on your behalf. For this reason, registered participants who drop their EAST Seminar registration(s) after 3 p.m., CST, Wednesday, July 20, 2020, or does not attend, will still be required to pay all applicable registration fee(s).

Not Able to Attend?

Letter Deadline: 3 p.m., CST, Friday, June 26, 2020

According to the EAST Statement of Assurances signed by your school administrator and the EAST Initiative, facilitators are required to actively and fully participate in professional development activities (including, but not limited to Phase Training, EAST Conference, and EAST Seminar) on a continuing basis as a part of normal duties. If due to extenuating circumstances, a facilitator is unable to attend EAST Seminar, his/her school administrator may submit a letter to the EAST Initiative, detailing those extenuating circumstances. While this does not place your program in immediate jeopardy, if combined with additional compliance insufficiencies, a collaborative plan between EAST Initiative and the school for corrective action may become necessary.

Should extenuating circumstances arise, please ask your administrator to submit a letter to rinda@EASTstaff.org and CC events@EASTstaff.org for official record-keeping purposes by 3 p.m., CST June 26, 2020.