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How to interact and engage with virtual sessions.

Is EAST Seminar still proceeding in light of the COVID-19 global health situation?

We are moving forward with a virtual EAST Seminar 2020, a fully remote and online experience. While it wasn't an easy decision to make, it was the safe and responsible one for our community's well-being and health. We are excited about this opportunity to bring you a new EAST Seminar experience with plenty of great opportunities to engage in the learning & networking.

When will EAST Seminar 2020 be?

The event will still take place July 22-24 virtually on a third-party platform.

What is the cost of EAST Seminar 2020?

This year, EAST is offering a significant discount in light of the current circumstances. The event will cost $125. We understand there may be delays in payments this year due to the extenuating circumstances. If an extension is necessary please contact receivables@EASTstaff.org.

Will there be any Pre-Seminar Workshops this year?

While there won’t be any Pre-Seminar Workshops this year on Tuesday (industry tour, tech camp, etc), we will try to provide similar opportunities throughout the event either live or on-demand.

Is EAST Seminar required?

EAST Seminar is required as a way to fulfill professional development needs and requirements to perform at a high level in an EAST environment. EAST will provide this information on the website for you to share with your administration when making your request to attend. If you need support when presenting to your admin - contact your site support person.

What are the benefits to attend?

Your registration includes access to the virtual conference, the full EAST Seminar 2020 videos once available and all the networking and opportunities to interact with fellow attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and EAST team. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced & unlimited access to valuable tools & resources for the EAST classroom.
  • Strategies to empower you to be a resource for your school in EAST based principles, including online tools, student engagement & facilitation best practices, and how to create lifelong critical skills applicable to other learning & working environments
  • Opportunities to connect and share ideas with other EAST facilitators

How do I register for EAST Seminar 2020?

Attendees will register on the EAST Seminar website, but we will use a third party platform during the event itself for general and breakout sessions.

How do I get my invoice for EAST Seminar 2020?

Once you have registered on the EAST Seminar website, you will receive an invoice for the event shortly. Our amazing accounting team will be working hard to get your invoice to you as quickly as possible!

What types of sessions will be available?

We are designing a variety of interactive sessions - from round tables & brainstorming sessions to Q&As with subject matter experts. Our team is also hard at work developing other creative opportunities for you to earn credit hours by engaging with other EAST facilitators during coffee chats, team building activities, & lunch & learns and participating in hands-on experiences, such as demo slams & maybe even a virtual Playground.

When will I have access to register for breakout sessions?

Session registration will take place on the third-party platform. A sneak peek will be available for attendees roughly two weeks out to help you get comfortable with the digital environment and to view sessions, but credit availability won’t begin until the first day of EAST Seminar.

How many credit hours are available?

You will still be able to create your own schedule, and can obtain up to 18 credit hours (through live, on-demand, and general sessions) plus additional networking opportunities that may also be worth credit hours. If you are a session presenter, double credit hours are available.

What are the requirements for attendance?

You are required to attend daily live general sessions (1 per day, Wed-Fri) + 10 live or on-demand hours

Like with our typical, in-person Seminar, facilitators have the flexibility to create a schedule that works best for them

  • We do encourage you to participate in the live portions of EAST Seminar so you can engage in a live virtual experience with our speakers, your fellow facilitators, and the EAST staff.
  • Networking is so important to EAST and it makes for a better experience.

What if I can’t be in front of a computer all day?

EAST does not want nor expect our facilitators to spend multiple, consecutive hours in front of a computer passively watchings webinars. We understand the need for flexibility during this time, and we all know the powerful learning that takes place when we become active participants in the learning process.

Is there a limit to attendees per session?

For the required General Sessions - No, we will make sure every registered participant has a “seat” in those sessions.

For breakout sessions - Yes, but it will depend on the type of session. Round table discussions and brainstorming sessions that require attendee engagement and participation function better with a smaller group of people, so we will probably try to limit the sizes of those. However, regular presentations and panel discussions are able to accommodate larger audiences, even more so since we’re in a virtual setting and not limited by room size.

We also anticipate limited capacity in some of our other learning and networking opportunities, but we will do our best to announce that in advance. If there is great demand for a particular topic, we may even be able to offer multiple opportunities to attend.